Looking for a reliable, safe and secure hosting solution for your insurance brokerage? Forttra Technologies gives you the solutions you need to succeed.

Team2Forttra Technologies is part of Plextec Incorporated. Founded in 1993, Plextec is the market leader in IT services, technology and consulting for insurance brokerages across Canada. Forttra’s BrokerCloud hosting and IT solutions enhance operations, simplify IT management and increase efficiency. We deliver our service with exceptional performance and control, from design to servers, backup, security, and more.

  • We specialize in working for insurance brokers; we really know your business and can provide the solutions you need
  • No headaches: our service “just works”, like connecting your hydro
  • Excellence in service and solutions
  • Value for your money
  • Personalized, family-style customer service and relationships

We want to provide our clients with truly paradigm-shifting solutions: finding the real source of your needs and issues, and only using technology where it makes sense, not just because you can. Our over 20 years’ experience working in IT solutions for the insurance broker industry means we’ve already done all the work to determine what will work best for your business, and we provide our solutions as cost-effectively as possible. We believe the tech you use should “just work” without you having to think about it!


To provide world-class, reliable, cost-effective, and targeted full-service technology and cloud hosting solutions and service to the insurance broker industry.


To be the leading hosting company for insurance brokers, and to provide excellent value and service to our customers.

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